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StylWall® II Flat Wall System

StylWall® II Flat Wall System is a factory-insulated flat wall system with concealed fasteners for a smooth, monolithic appearance.

Product Snapshot

StylWall® II Flat wall panels feature an outside embossed surface.

Features & Benefits

  • Attractive broad-ribbed design and embossed surface produces interesting shadows and consistent texture

  • Special interlocking joint design allows panels to easily “lock” into place for faster installation

  • Can be combined with other Butler® wall systems or brick, glass, and other conventional materials

  • 16” panel width, combined with the side “return leg,” enables application of almost any conventional finish on the interior of the wall system

  • Factory-installed rigid insulation board for enhanced energy efficiency

  • Available in several visually appealing colors

Ideal uses:

  • New and retrofit applications in which a uniform appearance is desirable

CAD Details

The common cross-sections and details include more than 100 typical sections which clearly demonstrate how Butler structural systems integrate with metal, tilt-up, masonry or precast concrete walls.


Butler is dedicated to providing designers the tools needed to incorporate Butler systems into any building design
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