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Why choose Kingspan for your IMP needs

Kingspan IMPs offer high performance, single component, factory pre-engineered systems that replace multi-part construction. 

All Kingspan IMPs have continuous insulation which means there are no gaps to ensure the highest thermal performance.The double, interlocking joint is engineered for maximum, air-tight performance. Kingspan IMPs provide superior moisture resistance over other forms of construction.


Flexible and Durable Options 

Kingspan offers aesthetic flexibility with a vast range of insulated metal wall panel profiles supported by state-of-the-art specialty fabrications. 

All Kingspan wall profiles are constructed with a foamed-in-place manufacturing process that produces superior panels of consistent high quality. The panels arrive to site ready for quick and easy installation, saving up to 50% in on-site construction time. Panels are available with optional factory caulked side joints to save erection labor.

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