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Butlerib® II Roof System

Product Snapshot

The Butlerib II roof system assures durable roofing performance with unmatched affordability.

Butlerib® II Roof System is the industry’s best through-fastened roof system—engineered to be economical both to install and to maintain.

Features & Benefits

  • 1-1/2” corrugation makes the Butlerib® II roof panel one of the strongest in the industry

  • Available factory cut and punched to ensure accurate endlap alignment and easy installation

  • Factory-slotted holes allow roof panels to expand and contract during seasonal temperature changes to reduce wear-and-tear

  • Preformed sealant grooves and guides promote accurate sealant placement between panels

  • “Return leg” full side-lap corrugation provides extra support at the panel side laps

  • Exclusive Lock-Rivet™ fastener further enhances weathertight performance

  • Easily insulated with fiberglass blanket insulation

  • UL Class 90 wind uplift rating

  • Available 10-year weathertightness warranty

Ideal uses:

  • The basic roof system for the Widespan™ structural system

CAD Details

The common cross-sections and details include more than 100 typical sections which clearly demonstrate how Butler structural systems integrate with metal, tilt-up, masonry or precast concrete walls. A number of common roof and base condition details are also included.


Butler is dedicated to providing designers the tools needed to incorporate Butler systems into any building design. Our online Design and Selection Guide provides AutoCAD-compatible architectural details and Word-formatted product specifications.

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