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MR-24® Roof System

MR-24® Roof System is the industry’s first and finest standing-seam metal roof system—with 40+ years of proven, in-place weathertight performance.

Product Snapshot

The industry’s finest standing-seam roof system.

Features & Benefits

  • Acts like a monolithic steel surface covering your entire building and providing superior protection

  • Specifically designed with moveable clips to accommodate roof movement under changing temperatures

  • Creates an exclusive 360-degree Pittsburgh double-lock seam, with the final 180 degrees field rolled, for superior performance and protection

  • Factory-punched panels and structural members assure proper alignment and accurate installation

  • Accommodates additional insulation thicknesses to enhance energy efficiency

  • A material-efficient option with compelling sustainability attributes

  • Available in several cool colors for added energy savings

  • Can save up to 90% on roof maintenance costs


Ideal uses:

  • Adds proven weathertight performance and unmatched peace of mind in virtually any commercial or industrial building application

CAD Details

The common cross-sections and details include more than 100 typical sections which clearly demonstrate how Butler structural systems integrate with metal, tilt-up, masonry or precast concrete walls. A number of common roof and base condition details are also included. 


Butler is dedicated to providing designers the tools needed to incorporate Butler systems into any building design. Our online Design and Selection Guide provides AutoCAD-compatible architectural details and Word-formatted product specifications.

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